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Authorized Repair and Warranty Service for: Access, AER, Albion, Allen & Heath, Ampeg, Ashdown, Avid, Barefoot, Blackheart, Blackstar, Crate, Crown, Crumar, Digidesign, EBS, Eden, EVH, Fender, Gretsch Amplification, Hammond, Hayden, Kawai, Kemper, Kii Audio, Koch Amps, Kii, Korg, Kurzweil, Laney, Line 6, Mackie, Manikin, Marshall, Metabolic Devices, Milab, Nord, QSC, Randall, Rocktron, Roland, RTW, S.E. Electronics, Sunn, SWR, Studiologic, Suzuki, Synthstrom, Thermionic Culture, UDO, Universal Audio, Vox, Waldorf, and Yamaha.

Providing quality repairs for over 40 years!

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We repair amplifiers (tube and solid state), keyboards/synthesizers/electric pianos, digital and analog effects, pro recording devices, mixers (analog and digital), interfaces, outboard gear, speakers, drum machines, and rare and vintage equipment (Vintage Lexicon and Eventide specialists). We can repair ALL makes and models! We have rush service available for an additional charge. Our warranty is 90 days from the date of completion. You can ship us your repair from anywhere in the world. Most estimates are free! Call for details.

If you don't see it, call. We can fix almost anything!

We are located at:

8665 Venice Blvd,
West Los Angeles, CA 90034

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri 10am-6pm
1st and 3rd Sat of every month 12pm-5pm



Whenever possible, ship all equipment in its original packaging. If you don't have the original packaging, make sure to use a box large and strong enough to fit your equipment. There should be adequate space around all sides of the unit for packing material. Remember, there is a good chance that your equipment will be dropped (or worse). We recommend putting a plastic bag around your equipment to keep stray pieces of packing material from getting inside your unit.

Always insure your package for the FULL replacement value of the equipment. You will be happy you did if your box is totaled or lost.

Enclose a note with all of your contact information and as many details as possible about the problems that you are experiencing. It is much more helpful for us if you list all of the symptoms. 

If you require rush service, please write RUSH on the outside of the box as well as in your note.

If the unit is under warranty, include your proof of purchase and/or RA# if applicable.

Payment information: 
We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Cashier's Checks, Money Orders, and Cash.


Looking for used equipment?


Avid / Digidesign Parts For Sale

002 power supply swap - $150.00
002 power supply harness - $35.00
003R power supply swap - $150
003 console power supply swap - $175.00

192 input card- swap - $275.00
192 output card- swap - $200.00
192 main board- swap - $175.00
192 power supply- swap - $150.00
192 front panel- swap - $125.00
192 digital main board - swap - $175.00
192 digital power supply - swap - $150.00
192 digital front panel - swap - $125.00

SC48 power supply (DGN380) rebuild - $275.00

C/24 Power supply - $731.00 outright

Control 24 New style power supply - swap $350.00
Control 24 Old style power supply - swap $400.00

D Command/ D Control LED power supply - swap $150.00
D Command/ D Control fader power supply - swap $175.00
D Command Carbon Faders - $80.00
D Command/ D Control boards and panels
- please contact us for pricing

Pre power supply - swap $150.00

Command 8, 002, 003, Control 24, SC48 faders available. Please enquire.

Pro Control edit pack/fader pack power supply - swap $175.00
Pro Control edit pack/fader pack faders - swap $65.00
Pro Control edit pack joystick - swap $225.00

Sync main board - swap $150.00
Sync power supply - swap $125.00
Sync front panel - swap $100.00

Xmon power supply - swap $150.00

Skynet power supplies- many available on a rebuild/swap basis, limited available for outright purchase.

Euphonix Parts For Sale

CS 2000/ 3000/CS2 163 trays - exchange/rebuild $421.00
CS 2000/ 3000/CS2 ES108(A) dynamics processor - rebuild $800.00
CS 2000/ 3000/CS2 Vicor power supplies- rebuild/swap - Inquire
CS 2000/ 3000/CS2 PM800 power supply (tower 2) rebuild/swap - Inquire
CS 2000/ 3000/CS2 DSC, Master, Fader buckets rebuild/swap - Inquire
CS 2000/ 3000/CS2 boards, tower, power supply parts and misc. - Inquire

System 5 DF64 FC631 controller- swap $250.00
System 5 DF64 DSP SP661 - swap $200.00
System 5 DF64 Madi interface MM641 - swap $200.00
System 5 DF64 Vicor power supply - Inquire
Euphonix MC524/ML530 Power Supply Rebuild $1000.00

If you don’t see it here, inquire.


Alesis ADAT:

We are able to offer the lowest price anywhere on ADAT repairs. All repairs come with a 3 month warranty. (Shipping not included)
$165 Flat Rate any ADAT (except M20) - Blackface, XT, XT20, LX20, BRC. We don't care what's wrong with it! We'll fix it for $165.

We custom rack modules:

NEVE, CALREC, API, LOMO (RUSSIAN), TELEFUNKEN, SCAMP, EMT... Everything else you can dig up!

 If it was made on this planet, we can custom rack it with a surgically clean power supply, added phantom, appropriate ins and outs... And make it look Pretty! We also convert AMPEX, SCULLY, and whatever other recording modules!